Whether you are a large brand, a non-profit, small business or even a small influencer, social media and the management of ALL OF THAT can feel overwhelming.

But, everyone can start with some basics.

Here are 5 tips to help you increase engagement and UP your social media presence — no order of priority.

1.Do an audit of your current social channels

Does your audience see a consistent brand across your social channels? Are you using social media to reach different audiences across channels? What does each channel show in terms of audience demographics. To make your audit most effective post a consistent type of content almost daily leading up to your final data check. This will help you find out when your current audience is watching you.

2.Have a foothold or own your real estate

Often brands or small businesses know they aren’t going to be able to manage multiple social channels upon start-up. They might decide not to even invest time in creating an account. However, it is important to reserve your handle, set up your address and have a presence. Don’t undervalue the benefit of having your website linked to multiple social media landing spots. Ensuring that you reserve your brand identity across social channels is going to be key to your future success. Then, when you are ready, you can grow your audience for each. We recommend setting up accounts on TwitterPinterest, InstagramYouTubeGoogle My Business(if you have an address), FacebookLinkedInSnapchat, and yes even Medium.

*Don’t direct anyone to a site you aren’t yet participating in, but hold onto the address.

3.Start a calendar

It isn’t easy to continuously think of content “on the fly.” At a very basic level, every brand or business needs a calendar in place to remind them of key events they’ll need to share. In addition, we recommend using the calendar to chart out evergreen content to help educate any new audience members. A detailed calendar is going to incorporate partner events, community events, marketing themes, monthly themes, brand messaging, and so much more. But you can start simply and grow your calendar as you grow your business and social strategy.

4.Nurture your audience

No business or brand is going to be able to up their social game without relying on their friends, their fans, their audience. You can do a few things to show that you love your community and nurture those relationships with your audience. Reshare content you have been tagged in. Offer your audience chances to win. Respond to questions and comments quickly.

5.Be present

One of the biggest mistakes in social media, even when the content is great, is that the business or individual ignores the conversation. If you are going to cultivate relationships online (and in person) you have to be there to respond, to like back, to engage. You have to show up. Part of the reason I founded Free Fly was to help businesses engage fully with their local community and their larger community through social media. A lot of the same principles apply to each. Networking groups are worth it if you put the time in and the members of the group are also putting the time in. Social media networking works the same way. You can make new connections and build the right kinds of connections by being present.

Free Fly Marketing can do a social media audit for you, we can launch your foothold and set up your social media sites, we can create an individualized engagement calendar, and we can even help monitor and be present for your social channels. Or we can advise you on how to do it yourself. Contact us about pricing and services.


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